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Committee Hub New Features

Topic Types

Committee hub discussions can now have topics assigned to them. For example, you can currently choose between “general” or “Voting”. This is a handy feature to quickly see the different types of topics that are available.

ResVu strata management software CommitteeHub Topics
Resident Requests

Residents can now send direct requests to their committee through the resident application. Committee members can view, update and respond to these requests through the admin panel.

ResVu strata management software Committee Requests
Invoice Approvals

Site admins can now upload invoices to CommitteeHub for approval. Admins can notify committee members of new invoices and place expiry dates on voting.

All committee members will be able to vote and approve these invoices through the new CommitteeHub section of the residents application. This way, committee members don’t need to become admins to access these features.

To learn more about setting up CommitteeHub and giving your committee members access to these features, please read our help centre tutorial.

ResVu strata management software ResVu strata management software CommitteeHub
Account Management Statistics
  • Now Show’s SMS, Email & Push Notifications over a period of time
  • FMLink statistics on the Account View
CSV Imports

Admins now have the ability to import a CSV file of users. You can learn more here.


You can now view all your sites ‘Site Codes’ by going to Account Management > Sites

Bug fixes
  • Better validation in bookings
  • All displayed dates are now AU format
  • Booking form disabled in some cases
  • Dashboard error when displaying previous emails in some sites
  • Booking popup, approve user wasn’t working
  • Bookings display – Fixed date timezone problem when bookings made close to midnight
  • CommitteeHub Emails showing [Object Object] in email
  • Events not sending notifications. Event adds but no notification sent
  • Notifications from Community Events / Account Management
  • Event Sending Notifications to all – Not Selected Group