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New Features

A big focus this past month has been developing global management solutions for our whitelabel clients, as well as improving the user experience for all admins . Let’s have a look at the new features and changes released this month.

Global Management
ResVu strata management software Account alerts

You can now send alerts to all or select sites under your account

  • Communications can be sent to all or select residential sites. Simply navigate to Company Dashboard > Engage > Account Engagement. Here, you can create communications as you would inside an individual site, and choose which sites to send it to.
  • Clubs, Events & Surveys can also be created under this same section and promoted to multiple sites.
  • Maintenance Templates are now available to be copied to all or selected sites. This is a great feature to use when rolling our new sites and can be accessed by going to Company Dashboard > Manage > Global Building Settings > Maintenance.
  • Site Updates include the ability to add notification settings, custom request templates, site venues and useful links to all your sites. Simply go to Company Dashboard > Manage > Settings > Bulk Site Updates.

Site Codes

You can now view and edit the site codes for each site under managements.

Company Dashboard > Manage > Sites then click the three dots next to the site. Select Change Site Code where you have the option to add a custom or random site code.

Invite Codes

You can now distribute invite codes for admins to sign-up, rather than adding their details manually. Also available is the ability to track who signs up using this code, create multiple codes, and delete codes.

To use this feature, first enter the site you wish to invite the admin, then navigate to Users > User Management > Invites > Add Invite Link

ResVu strata management software invite link
Requests Section

Maintenance, Builders Defect, Access, and all Custom Requests have been moved to the new Requests Tab.

ResVu strata management software custom requests
Minor Updates and Changes
  • New UI/UX Layout: Re-design Menu System
  • Digital Concierge, User Experience Improvements
  • Move Surveys into Communicate
  • Company Dashboard > Community Events – No RSVP section
  • Settings > Notifications – Custom request emails link issue
  • All tables should have loading screen working now
  • Updated the term ‘Clubs’ to ‘Social Clubs’
  • Audience selector now has address details for each user