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The community management industry has a problem – it relies too much on email.


Emails are overwhelming our community managers. Currently, they’re used to undertake the majority of admin work – like requests and resident enquiries. Around 80% of a managers inbox.

And how is manual email a tool that can scale with your business? spoiler alert, it’s not.

What if email was only utilised what it’s actually good for? Building relationships? Instead of everyday admin.

The industry is being weighed down by its reliance on email. Leading to problems like lack of transparency, poor customer service and work-life balance.

Resvu was founded to make the industry a better place for everyone.

Community management is often a hidden industry. It has been left behind compared to similar industries like real estate. But at the same time, the industry is growing and becoming complicated.

Resvu’s mission has always been to fix the problems in community management.

A centralised, transparent and secure platform for you & your team to manage requests. With less time spent on admin, and more time spent on growing your business.

The Resvu Platform is a game-changer that solves the industry’s email problem.

Our mission to change the industry for the better isn’t just talk, we’re working on it everyday.

With the launch of the Custom Forms feature in January of 2023, we’ve seen great adoption from our clients. They’ve told us about all the cool ways they’re using it specific to their community. As well as the library of useful templates included.

Combining automation, self-service and intuitive workflows. It has already made a massive difference in cutting down on email usage. And making as many actions as possible taken by the management company to solve a clients needs, as transparent and visible as possible.

In 2023 Resvu saved the industry…


70,000 emails


$106k dollars


1650 hours

This is the actual value of wasted admin time!

We’re just getting started. Which is why in 2024, we have set ourselves the goal of saving One Million emails.

One million emails that never had to be written, read or replied to. Taking a huge weight off the industry and helping to make it a better place for everyone involved.

We’re so confident in ourselves, that we’ve popped a counter right at the top of our website so you can keep track of the tangible change Resvu can bring to your management company.

Wish you had a little bit of extra money, time and inbox space? Get in touch today to see how we can help.