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The switch to work from home has been a game-changer for many people. Working from home has the benefit of no time commuting and more time. Morning breakfasts becomes a stressless process. You can pick the kids up from school without having to rush out the office to beat the traffic. On average people save up to 3 hours per day by readjusting to a work from home schedule.

What Work from Home meant for me


When I was looking for a new job my first priority was flexibility to work from home. That’s what caught my eye when I read the role description “Customer Success Specialist at Resvu.”
We moved to Adelaide about 3 years ago with no family or friends – starting a completely new life. I realised straight away that it became quite difficult for me to manage my job whilst being there for my 2 girls. Especially when we were trying to build our foundations in Adelaide.
I was fortunate to get all the jobs I applied for however, none of my jobs had any flexibility of me working from home. To be there for my family, it became overwhelming and I couldn’t continue working there. Then came Resvu, where I felt it was like coming up for air and getting that first deep breath. During the interview they understood the struggles of parenting. They stayed true to their word they offered me the flexibility of work from home. All I had to do was my job and keep Resvu’s customers happy.
This opened up a deep sense of relief for me and my family. My girls were elated with me being able to work from home and be there for them for school pick up and drop offs. Volunteering for school excursions and so on. My wellness improved as I could accommodate my fitness and meditation routine. I start my days early and prioritise according to my work calendar and emails. Work from home means if I have no meetings scheduled I can adjust my routine to suit me. I can even go to my favourite fitness class at 9:30am on a Tuesday!

The main benefits for me (and hopefully you too):


1. Less time commuting

Work from home offers great benefits, like saving me time I would otherwise be commuting. Often for at least 30 minutes. Everyday that I work from home I save this time, meaning I can use this time to do other things such as my fitness routine. Also, with the current rising petrol prices, this seems like a good financial decision too. How much time and money could you save not commuting everyday?

2. Stay connected

Our team catches up on alternate mornings and we talk about our priorities for that day. We’re an open and supportive team, we feel comfortable sharing about general things going on (most conversations revolve around our children). It’s not just about work and this is really important for our wellbeing. Working from home can be isolating, so it’s important to make sure you’re staying connected with your colleagues. Creating routines and make sure you actually take breaks helps.

3. Use technology to your advantage

Technology has helped us be more productive and collaborate even when working from home. Using video call and chat apps we can stay in touch, collaborate and celebrate every achievement with the team, even if we are not together in the same office. These tools also bring us closer to clients by making face to face online meetings possible. At Resvu we manage all our project plans and tasks via HubSpot to organise our day to day tasks as well. It’s important to use these technologies to your advantage in order to stay connected. And productive.
In summary, working from home has its benefits, but it’s important to make sure that you’re maintaining a good work/life balance. And separating work from home.

The motivation behind everything that we do at Resvu is to put more time back in the day for community managers for the things that are important to them.

All a Community Manager needs to do is look at their portfolio view to prioritise their work for the day instead of worrying about the insane amount of emails and phone calls they receive from the residents during the day. Our app gives residents self-help tool to raise their maintenance requests, receive all communications relevant to their building and so much more.
With our new digital forms feature, we will be able to provide a digital first, paperless solution. Our ultimate goal is to make your lot owners happier, keeping them for longer and helping management companies provide a competitive advantage.

Sounds good? Check out our careers page below and learn more about life at Resvu.