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A summary of 2021

It’s been a busy year at Resvu with the team hard at work improving the platform and development process. Therefore, it seems fitting to bring back a regular what’s new email and give everyone a summary of 2021.

So, over the past month we’ve:

  • Released 15 brand new features πŸš€
  • And made 19 enhancements to existing features πŸ”₯
  • And squashed 27 bugs πŸ›

All while working on some major projects and improvements at the same time (more on this early next year).

A summary of 2021 Key New Features

  • New global functionality
    Rolling out a large number of sites can be challenging at the best of times. We’re excited to release the new global correspondence library, bulk updating site contacts and images. Plus the ability to set a default template for all your new sites.
  • Divisions
    For sites imported via StrataMax or PIQ, we’re now recording the division / folio field. This means you can filter all your sites by searching for a division in the tables. Or select a division when applying bulk updates as well.
  • Admin teams
    The Admin Teams section in account management now contains more functionality. After setting up a team with existing admins, bulk select which sites you’d like to add (or remove) them to as admins too.
  • Contractor improvements
    In FMLink, if a contractor already exists in the system when you import them. We now update their details rather than duplicating the record too. Plus, the new global settings in account management gives you the option to automatically give your site admins access to these contractors.Saving the manual assignment each time.
  • MyHome
    The new MyHome section in the resident application will be going live shortly. This will allow imported lot owners access to their profile details, documents, and levy information in StrataMax or PIQ.

To see all the updates we’ve made recently, please check out the new changelog section in our help centre.

Roadmap Portal

a summary of 2021 blog post image

Without the amazing feedback and suggestions from you, the system wouldn’t be where it is today. We love hearing all the great ideas from our users. But sometimes things can get lost in emails chains and conversations.

As such, I’m excited to release our new roadmap and suggestion portal. Moving forward, everyone can now submit, vote, comment, and track the progress of all ideas to improve the platform.
To learn more about how this new process works, we’ve put together a quick start guide to ensure your request gets the best possible chance of being built.

What’s next?

While the above portal is great for tracking individual items and we’ve also released our high-level roadmap. Which goes into detail about the overall direction, focus, and key projects we’ll be working on in the future.

On behalf of the entire team here at Resvu. We’re looking forward to delivering some serious improvements over the coming months. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of this journey to improve management wellness and resident satisfaction in high-density living communities.



Until next time πŸ‘‹
Connor, Product Manager