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What is a Strata Committee Member?

As a member of the Strata Committee, you have to make decisions for the owners’ corporation about managing and maintaining the strata scheme. Here are some of the key tasks and responsibilities you may have as a Strata Committee member:

  1. You must attend meetings for the Strata Committee. These meetings are for discussing issues and making decisions on behalf of the owners’ corporation. It is important to review the agenda and supporting documents before the meeting so that you can contribute effectively.
  2. To manage the strata scheme, review and approve decisions on repairs, maintenance, and improvements. It is important to act in the best interests of the owners’ corporation and to make decisions that are fair and equitable.
  3. Your job is to manage the strata scheme’s money, like budgeting, collecting levies, and using funds correctly.
  4. Stay in touch with owners by regularly updating them on decisions and developments related to the strata scheme.
  5. You may need to handle conflicts between owners or between owners and third parties. It is important to handle disputes in a fair and professional manner.

Overall, as a Strata Committee member, you play a critical role in managing and maintaining the strata scheme on behalf of all owners.

Always be proactive and communicate well while acting in the best interests of the owners’ corporation. For more information, visit:

While this is a focus for NSW, it can still help provide a basic understanding of what needs to be done.