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Tower Body Corporate


Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Partnered with Resvu since: 2022

Tower Body Corporate was founded on the premise of creating the ideal body corporate management service. As lot owners in several buildings themselves, they were dissatisfied with the way things were managed.

They were tired of things like… the time it took to receive answers, complete lack of modern technology, inefficient meetings and overall poor service.

With one of Tower Body Corporate’s core beliefs being “We believe that using the right technology improves efficiency and reduces costs” Implementing Resvu was their next move towards providing outstanding service to their clients and solving the above problems.

We’re happy because the customers are happy and that’s the main thing. They find the Resvu platform easy to use, and like the access it provides – that’s what we are after as a company.

William MarquandGeneral Manager and Senior Body Corporate Manager

Tower Body Corporate has been using the Resvu platform for two years now, we caught up with them to see how it’s going.


How has Resvu contributed to increased efficiency or productivity in your business?

Resvu has helped us streamline the applications we manage – lot owners can make their submissions online via the app and committees can vote for them there too.


What specific features or aspects of Resvu do you find most valuable?

Proactive Communication & Alerts – it’s really efficient to be able to send out a quick alert or reminder to owners who are signed up. We can contact them immediately in the case of an emergency or even if it is just to advise that the power will be out for a couple of hours.


Describe a moment when working with us that made you think, “Wow, this is awesome!”

We were really happy to see owners start using it as soon as the app was launched. It showed that it was what the customers wanted.


In what ways has our Resvu saved you time, money, or resources?

The Resvu platform has helped us move some of our processes away from the standard of emails coming in and out. It centralises our work in one place so there is less need to refer back to previous email threads, meaning we can let it do its work in the background while we focus on foreground problems.

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