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Major Feature Releases

Account Integrations

We’re excited to announce our integration with both StrataMax and PropertyIQ strata trust accounting systems. By partnering with these industry leaders, we can provide our whitelable customers with even more power to streamline their business and help to maintain consistent strata roll information.

Whitelabel customers can now import all their sites and users who are registered under their StrataMax or PropertyIQ platform. We look forward to releasing more powerful features in the not so distant future!

User Email Subscriptions

Users and admins now have the ability to decide which email alerts they receive from the platform. To learn more, be sure to check out our article on managing email preferences.

Account Statistics

The statistics page of account management now reports on the following metrics:

  • Issues Resident Requests
  • Actioned vs Un-actioned Resident Requests
  • Time Taken to Complete Requests
  • Issues Maintenance Requests
  • Work Orders
  • Quote Requests
  • Revenue from Bookings
  • Revenue from Requests
Other Features Added
  • Added rotate video screen option in Digital Concierge in noticeboards
  • Easier ways to assign committee members
  • Bookings that require approval are now highlighted
  • Builders Defects show time log against each request
  • Archive and Delete tabs added to policies and procedures