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Having access to live and valuable development-related data is extremely important, especially when trying to cultivate community in a new project.

Community engagement and facilities management software developed by Adelaide-based technology company Resvu tackles the array of human issues that can be overlooked after a development has been launched.

The technology provider has created a number of solutions such as CommunitiLink, FMLink and CommunitiLocal for single strata or facilities managers, all the way through to large enterprise strata and facility management companies, broad-acre developers and hotel operators.

Through a centralised solution, community can be fostered through the digital management of facilities, concierge, digital notice boards, events and resident clubs.

Selecting a resident engagement and facilities management platform can also amplify brand awareness and maintain competitive advantage. for the companies engaging the software.

Social events

Examples of events that increase community engagement are hosting sales launches, community family and friends events, new and upgraded communal facilities, resident club events and even tallying RSVPs to an annual general meeting.

An example of a dedicated community events platform can be found as a key feature of the CommunitiLink platform by Resvu.

Whether selling off the plan, going through the settlement process or looking to engage an existing resident base, hosting an event is a great way to promote a development and to foster a community irrespective of the stage of the development.

Rewards and loyalties

By utilising the local businesses around your area, developers can provide residents with great deals and benefits for purchasing in their site

Resvu offers a standalone platform called CommunitiLocal which has been built to connect local business with residents in nearby developments, resulting in access to up-to-date rewards, highlighting the exclusivity of the building and providing residents with ongoing value.

Further, rewards and loyalties can help create and support a thriving community both within and around a development.

Committee and board management tools

Giving a committee or board members a tool that not only improves decision making efficiencies but also reduces email traffic is extremely important for customer offering and relationship building.

Using the CommitteeHub feature within CommunitiLink gives both management and members a new level of efficiency and time saving capabilities through being able to manage all discussions, documents and voting within one easy to use application.

It must also be considered what level of content distribution permissions suit committee needs.

For example, using a document creation tool for newsletters, policy and procedure updates, event management and social club promotions will give committee’s and boards a new level of control over their communities.

Interactive digital noticeboards

Extending the engagement and communication benefits from a community mobile app through digital noticeboards is an important consideration for premium and high traffic sites.

Cheap options such as retail styled TV with poor media player playback quality can ultimately turn a beautiful foyer into a home lounge room.

Resvu can provide a community with the ability to understand their exact options when it comes to digital noticeboards due to the offering of stainless steel premium touch screens, engaging interactive lift screens, portrait or landscape mode screens or standard and cheaper packages where needed.

Social clubs

Allowing residents to communicate with management and the committee can help drive a community and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Residents who can engage with their community peers through mothers, dog walking, book and community garden clubs, will feel connected.

Feedback surveys and newsletters

Keeping residents engaged isn’t a one-way street, so it’s important to gather their feedback and opinions on on-site related topics.

This feedback can be an invaluable asset it offers insight into where developments and communities can improve.

For example, distributing a monthly cleanliness survey to see the state of facilities or gather suggestions on the new colour for the foyer.

Feedback can deliver a better customer service level and in turn help benefit the capital growth and success of developments.

Regular, scheduled information to your residents is important to keep them informed.

A good way to do this is having committee members or building managers release a monthly or quarterly newsletter, showcasing any news, changes or developments to the residential community.

Inspection management and reports

A large part of providing exceptional service for clients involves maintaining facilities, which all starts with efficient yet thorough inspections of shared facilities.

Customised and integrated platforms such as FMLink and the FMLink Inspector Application will help developers achieve just that by allowing you to build out individual inspection, and once completed, generate reports for committee and board reports or push work orders onto contractors.

This way, any defects or maintenance issues will quickly be resolved to create an enjoyable, safe and well-maintained community, whilst also promoting faster and more accurate decision-making.

Planned maintenance notices

If a site is expected to have maintenance or other facilities management tasks performed, then it’s a good practice to inform the residents.

With a resident engagement platform such as CommunitiLink, building managers can easily send out a scheduled notice to a sites digital noticeboards and residents application, along with a push notification, email or SMS.

Because of this, residents will have the time to make any alternative arrangements and won’t be surprised by any window washers or closed facilities.

Ensuring residents are provided with up-to-date information regarding significant events or issues that occur will go along way to keep residents engaged.

By keeping them in the loop through instant notifications, there will be no surprises when the water gets shut off, and less time spent dealing with related phone calls or disgruntled emails. 

Connecting these alerts in with a digital noticeboard within a sites high traffic areas is a good extension of a platform to connect with guests and visitors

Customise your concierge offerings

Offering customised concierge services through a buildings community mobile app can be another way to way to increase customer engagement and explore new service-based revenue models.

Additional offerings could include dog walking, watering the residents plants while they’re away, taking a residents car for a clean, or assisting with the cleaning of a residents private home.

Receiving and managing requests can be simplified using a software platform such as CommunitiLink by Resvu.

CommunitiLink allows hotel and building managers to create customised concierge offering for a residential site, as well as manage mobile app payment offerings for maximising the additional revenue models that result.

This article originally appeared on The Urban Developer on behalf of Resvu