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The benefits of successful customer engagement are enormous but maintaining consistency and a level of automation as your businesses grow can be difficult.

Customer experiences in residential communities are enhanced through proactive communication, resulting in a higher level of retained and new business.

A productive and easy-to-use community engagement platform improves business efficiency—connecting local business and community partners to help build an engage and productive community.

With clubs, events, documents, digital noticeboards and local business rewards, a platform like Resvu is the perfect tool to use during challenging times.

Crisis management

Regular communication must be built up over time to keep your residents engaged.

This means that when it comes time for an emergency or crisis, your residents will respond quickly as they’re already part of an established network.

So provide valuable reasons for your residents to keep checking their engagement platform to achieve this.

Build community

Proactively communicating with all your sites stakeholders — such as owners, tenants, real estate agents, and investors — provides the site with a much stronger and positive image.

Powerful ways to deliver a highly proactive message to customers include hosting network and education events, distributing newsletters, engaging in community-wide or site-specific surveys, providing updates and even managing specialist user groups or community forums.

No longer are you the people who simply send levy notices and meeting agendas — you’re working to build a community.


ResVu: No longer are you the people who simply send levy notices and meeting agendas — you're working to build a community.

▲ Resvu: No longer are you the people who simply send levy notices and meeting agendas — you’re working to build a community.

Improved business efficiency

From large scale engagement comes valuable data about your site and portfolio.

So by capturing this data from users and stakeholders, the capacity to provide a greater service level and decision-making advice dramatically increases, all while reducing phone and email traffic.

These real-time overviews provide statistics, including maintenance request activity, distributed documents customers have read, targeted marketing, and significantly improved procurement processes as a result.

And these efficiency benefits extend from your head-office to site management and committee members by making use of platforms such as committee hub and account management.

Ultimately, these powerful platforms will improve your end customer’s experience.

Connecting local businesses

Providing access to local businesses in your area to engage with your residents delivers enormous benefits, particularly when it comes to consistent and meaningful relationships.

Resvu offers a standalone platform called CommunitiLocal, built to connect local business, such as trades, cleaners, insurance companies, and even your preferred contractors with residents in nearby developments.

The result of using CommunitiLocal is access to up-to-date rewards, promoting loyalty to develop consistent purchasing habits as a result of meaningful relationships, and highlights the exclusivity of the building, delivering ongoing value to residents.

Rewards and loyalties help create and support a thriving community both within and around a development.

Customers then have another reason to engage with a centralised ecosystem, therefore assisting in the data capture back to the building or company delivering improved business decision-making.


▲ ResVu connects local businesses with your residents, delivering meaningful connections.

▲ Resvu’s platform called CommunitiLocal connects local businesses with your residents, delivering meaningful relationships.


Connecting community partners

With most Strata and FM Companies, masterplanned communities and large residential complexes, you will find there are a small number of vital community building blocks, or “Community Partners”.

These may be a preferred supplier, retail centres, sporting clubs, local council chambers or educational facility.

The barrier that has always existed when developments look to connect such parties with community, is the level of information they can access, such as user data and other confidential documents and content.

Resvu has developed a community partners platform that gives key community entities the ability to use its powerful community engagement features such as content distribution, survey management and even enables the ability to host events!

All without the high-level access to private or confidential information.

Being able to effectively integrate these partners into your site and development will be an important aspect of your customers’ experience.

To enquire about our community engagement platform, that not only delivers key communication functionality but also gives businesses an unprecedented way to improve customer service, engagement and brand awareness, visit and get in touch with our team.

This article was originally published by The Urban Developer on behalf of Resvu