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A sure-fire way to future-proof a masterplanned project is by fostering a community within it—and key to this is successful resident and community engagement.

Adopting a proactive approach to communicating with portfolio stakeholders—be they tenants, owner-occupiers, investors or real estate agents—provides a brand with a much more positive and informative image than simply sending levy notices and meeting agendas.

Community engagement and facilities management software developed by Australian-based technology company Resvu is a means of providing highly-engaging channels of communication, which can in turn drive improvements in brand awareness and customer satisfaction within masterplanned communities.

Hosting network and education events, distributing newsletters, engaging in community-wide or site-specific surveys, providing updates or even managing specialist user groups or community forums are powerful ways to deliver a highly proactive message to customers.

As a result, you will see your community come together and utilise the purposely built amenities in your masterplan consistently.

Community partner involvement

With most masterplanned communities and large residential complexes, there are several vital community building blocks, or community partners—these may be preferred suppliers, retail centres, sporting clubs, local council chambers or educational facilities.

While having these partners involved in the masterplan cultivates a strong sense of community, there has always been an issue around how much access to sensitive data is provided to these partners.

A platform such as Resvu allows key community entities to be given the ability to make use of powerful community engagement features such as content distribution, survey management and event hosing—but without high-level access to private or confidential information.

Being able to effectively integrate partners such as these into your development will be an important aspect of your customers’ experience.



Data and analytics

In today’s digital age, access to data is important in making the right business decisions and providing the highest level of service to customers—ultimately increasing customer retention and driving business growth.

A comprehensive, real-time overview of customer activity provides statistics such as timeframes and activity on maintenance requests and knowing which distributed documents have been read by customers, along with targeted marketing and significantly improved procurement processes.

Data and analytics such as these, along with staff management and many more tools are available in Resvu’s “precinct overview” dashboard—designed specifically for masterplanned communities.

Customer feedback

Utilising a customer engagement platform enables the collation of valuable customer feedback about masterplanned communities, allowing users to make informed decisions.

Send out surveys after each event to get your residents thoughts on how it went, or check in periodically with a site’s clubs to see if any assistance is needed—you’ll never know unless you ask.

With these results in hand, site decision-makers can make informed decisions about where to best allocate resources to meet residents’ needs—for example, tools such as CommitteeHub streamline discussion and voting on particular topics, eliminating the need for lengthy email chains.




In the current global climate, there is an ever-growing push for sustainability to be built into everything we do, and masterplanned communities are no exception.

Building a sustainable development will attract more customers and drive up the value of a masterplan, with savvy developers keeping the three ‘P’s in mind; people, planet, profit.

When a development becomes live, sustainability efforts can be showcased to residents and the broader community using the Resvu platform, which has a dedicated area for such activities and statistics—it even connects with smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices for advanced reporting.

Local business engagement

By engaging with local businesses, residents can be provided with deals and benefits for buying locally: rewards and loyalty programs can help create and support a thriving community both within and around a masterplanned development.

If you’re looking to create a successful masterplanned community, be sure to check out Resvu’s Custom Resident Engagement Platform, built to bring your vision to life.