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Better client experiences = higher revenue


In community management, the path to happy clients, higher revenue and a competitive advantage from the competition is through providing an exceptional service experience.

At Resvu, our focus is to build a single-platform customer service solution that revolutionises the way that community management companies service their communities.

Empowering the industry to build a better homeowner experience for everyone.

A great client experience is a tool for growth


When businesses focus on providing better client service experiences, they can increase their revenues by 4% to 8% compared to their competitors in the same market. So, by offering excellent client support, businesses can make more money and be more successful.

This growth isn’t just a result of superior products or services, it’s about creating promoters — loyal customers who are more likely to buy more, stay longer, and advocate for your services.

Did you know, promoters have a lifetime value that can reach 6 to 14 times that of detractors, depending on the industry.

For community management companies, boosting the service experience to convert lot owners and residents into advocates of your community. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

Put yourself in your clients shoes


A great differentiator of companies that do client experience “well” is they deeply understand their customer. They’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, they’re constantly putting themselves in their clients shoes.

At Resvu, we always question how we’re doing things, and if we could be doing those things better?

Sure, our customer success team has won awards, but that doesn’t mean we are (or our processes) are perfect every time.

With every interaction we have a quick introspective look, and ask ourselves. Are there any opportunities to improve our processes?

While we’re being introspective, if we go way back. We’re talking way, way back, before Resvu was even a thing.

It was just our CEO Tom having to drive all the way across town on a 43c degree day to put up a sign printed on a piece of paper, alerting residents to the pool being out of order.

Without him thinking… “surely there must be a better way” not just for him, but also the residents of the community that were his responsibility. Resvu might not exist!

Experience leaders display deep empathy toward clients’ core needs. Listening to feedback, fixing pain points and hopefully create opportunities for “wow” moments.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint


Creating experiences that delight and stand out requires a long term way of thinking.

It’s about committing to continuous improvement, and knowing that it’s the daily interactions that build the service rapport. As well as being aware that trust can be lost with one misstep. So it’s important that your service level is consistently great, not just sometimes great in short bursts.

At Resvu, we understand that genuine, proactive, innovative, and collaborative approaches to service can transform community management. Our platform embodies these principles, offering tools that streamline communication, simplify processes, and enhance transparency—essentials in building trust and loyalty.

  • Streamlined Communication: Our platform cuts inbox clutter in half, facilitating seamless interactions between community managers, boards, and lot owners. This ease of communication is integral in resolving issues swiftly, ensuring every stakeholder feels heard and valued.
  • Proactive Solutions: Resvu empowers community managers with proactive communication tools, enabling them to anticipate needs and address them efficiently. This forward-thinking approach keeps communities not just satisfied but genuinely delighted.
  • Empowering Self-Service: By providing homeowners with the tools to manage everything from maintenance requests to pet applications, Resvu enhances efficiency for both managers and residents, freeing up valuable time.
  • Security: Trust is the foundation of any thriving community. Resvu prioritises data protection, giving both community managers and residents peace of mind that their information is safe and secure.

In the journey towards providing a higher standard of service, community management companies face the challenge of not just meeting but anticipating the evolving needs of their stakeholders. By partnering with Resvu, companies are equipped with the tools, security, and innovative solutions needed to elevate their service, transforming every lot owner and resident into a promoter of their community.

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