seamless integration

Lot owner/committee sync

Seamlessly keep strata roll and committee in sync with daily updates from StrataMax. Meaning that if you make changes in StrataMax it will update in your Resvu system. No double-handling here.

easily control lot owners access to DocMax

Enable access to all or select DocMax categories to lot owners easily via your custom branded mobile app. With this resident app you can ensuring your audience connects to your branding in their day-to-day needs within your site.

lot owner information

Give your lot owners visibility over their investment by showing scheme number, location, images, and other data.

my home

everything in one place

Resvu brings information such as owner account, document and levy information across from Stratamax for Strata Managers and displays it in the My Home section.

making it easy for residents

Residents can also go to one location to see everything about themselves and about the site, such as the resident mobile app.

self-service solutions


Maintain your brand visibility across all forms of communication whether that be internal or external.

software at your fingertips

Easy to navigate home page with several self-service tools, community based features and more.





Board &

Committee Tools





Requests &






our proven approach

our system, your brand

We understand how important brand recognition is for your clients which is why our entire platform is white-labelled for you.

industry built platform

Founded by industry professionals our relentless drive for innovation is powered through product forums and focus groups.

the partner your communities need

Flexible solutions that connect and streamline portfolios and communities of any size. Let Resvu do the heavy lifting.

managers, welcome...


MyPortfolio lets you view information about all of your different sites in one place, so you can stay organised and on top of everything within a glance.

You can view each sites manager, maintenance requests, tasks and more, all in one place. MyPortfolio is the perfect way to keep your portfolio organised and on track.


Committee & Board Management Tools

Keep your inbox clear of discussions, document sharing and voting to improve response times and decision making. Resvu provides a platform that allows all of this to take place in a secure online environment that promotes better committee/board engagement and more accurate decision making as a result.

Site Documents

Residents can easily access site documents such as owner warranties or policies & procedures, by using the built-in document creation tool, or uploading your own files to the platform.

User Management

Segment users into specific groups, such as residents, committee members, or even by floor. All communication and document creation can then be segmented by these groups.

communicate without having to leave your desk

Instant Communication

Are you still using paper flyers to communicate with your residents? If so, you’re missing out on a more efficient way to engage with them.

With Resvu, you can send out emails, SMS and push notifications quickly and easily. This way, you’ll save time while still staying in touch with your residents. Plus, our platform makes it easy to track the results of your communications.

Valuable data at your fingertips

Proactive Engagement with Analytics

Engagement is key to success in any relationship – and that includes the ones you have with your residents. From large scale engagement comes valuable data about your site and portfolio, giving you the capacity to provide a greater service level and decision-making advice, all while reducing phone and email traffic.

Real-time overviews provide statistics; including maintenance request activity and distributed documents. So go ahead, get engaged! Your residents will thank you for it.

Probably the single biggest factor for me is reducing email and phone calls by allowing clients to self-select the service they require. For example, clients seeking additional keys, reporting maintenance, requesting an additional access fob or garage remote, booking lift for moving in or out, seeking information on connecting or disconnecting utilities can access this information through the application.

Mark S.Senior Strata Manager

Thanks so much CommunitiLink! We had an unruly party in our building recently which I (Building Manager) received multiple complaints from residents regarding. I sent an SMS + Push Notification alert and placed a message on the noticeboard and the issue was sorted within a few minutes. Saved me a lot of time and hassle and residents were very happy with the service!

Rob NBuilding Manager

We were called out to resolve an intermittent Intercom issue across several apartments. Through Communitilink we were able to survey all residents and immediately gauge the location and consolidate the rectification process.

Scott AContractor

We have seen easy adoption from our strata managers a very recognisable improvement in customer satisfaction through Resvu's self-service portal.

Tim M.Management Company Owner

Absolutely fantastic product! The ballot tool has considerably assisted our management committee make better decisions.

Paul R.Board/Committee Chairperson

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