Resvu is a single-platform customer service solution that revolutionizes the way management companies serve their communities.

We streamline communications between community managers, boards, residents and homeowners to cut inbox clutter in half.

Proactive Communication

We give community managers the tools to become more proactive and productive so they focus on building community connection.


Transparency builds trust. Using Resvu, users can track the issues that impact their home life and see them resolved all in one place.


We empower homeowners to do everything from lodging maintenance requests to submitting pet applications for efficient processes.


Safeguarding data is our top priority. Our security standards are designed to give our clients complete peace of mind.

management companies

Create new revenue opportunities, scale your portfolio & watch your managers thrive.

management companies

Improve client retention, new business growth and boost your efficiency resulting in higher margins and ROI.

  • Analytics & reporting – You can’t scale if you can’t track. Unlock a wealth of data to truly understand how your company and managers are performing.
  • Custom request workflows – Explore the most powerful workflows your company has ever seen. Build custom workflows that work with your business, no matter how it’s structured.
  • Accounting system integrations – We integrate with most major financial institutions. As well as open to new partnerships.

Resvu has certainly risen above our initial anticipations. When we first signed on with the platform, we expected a degree of efficiency improvement, but the extent to which it positively impacted our business operations has truly surpassed our projections. The time and cost savings are beyond what we initially envisioned.

Renee SBranch Manager

Unlock your full management potential

association managers

Boost efficiency, automate admin tasks, streamline request management and provide high quality, proactive service to your homeowners.


  • Proactive lot owner communication – Deliver amazing service to your homeowners with Resvu’s powerful communication tools. Send alerts and communicate to your community from anywhere.
  • Work order & request management – Centralize homeowner requests and automate the work order process.
  • Simplified board approvals – Communication with the board has never been more straightforward.

All managers can now see live updates on all maintenance tasks without having to go through lengthy email and chat correspondence from multiple sources.

Alistair MManagement Company Director

Link communities with their manager and improve homeowner experience


  • Self-service community information – Eliminate unnecessary email and phone enquiries, homeowners can easily access community information and documents. No longer need to wait for replies for straightforward answers, better service.
  • View & Pay dues – Residents can view and pay their assessments straight from their phone or computer
  • Maintenance requests & live updates – Homeowners can view the status of their request whenever they please, eliminating follow ups and unnecessary inquiries.
  • Community engagement tools, social clubs and events – With powerful community engagement tools, you can watch your homeowners thrive with connected, happy and social communities.

We’re happy because the clients are happy and that’s the main thing. They find the app easy to use and like the access it provides – that’s what we are after as a company.

Will MManaging Director & Senior Community Manager

Empower boards to better service their communities

boards & committees

With powerful communication, voting and approval tools. The Resvu platform makes it easy for boards to better service their communities.

  •  Topic discussions, voting & approvals – Quick and efficient approval processes for quote requests, invoices, architectural and general voting topics. With discussions built in.
  • Mobile app – Carry out your board duties from anywhere with our convenient mobile app. Or from your computer if that’s what you prefer.
  • Documents & information – Have the resources required to be a great board member, on hand and ready to accesses.

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About Resvu - More time for living

Since 2017, Resvu has been on a mission to make things simpler, smoother, and just plain better for community management companies – and that starts with giving community managers the support they deserve. Enter Resvu, a single-platform customer service solution that empowers community management companies to increase their homeowner management efficiencies, grow their portfolio, improve retention and ultimately provide the best possible homeowner experience they can.

Curious about our perspective? We’re not your typical software company because our founder isn’t your typical software guru; our CEO Tom Welsby is a former community manager who understands the pressures that come with a large portfolio. So when we say we get it, we really mean it. We want to change the way residents and homeowners feel about their community managers, and we’re doing that by revolutionising the way that managers do their jobs.

This change starts with better communication. Resvu streamlines interactions between managers, committee members, homeowners and residents. Plus, Resvu cuts inbox clutter in half by consolidating tasks onto one user-friendly platform. No more back-and-forth emails or late night phone tag; each user can track what’s happening around their homes and see those resolutions roll in.

By making these processes more efficient for everybody involved, community management companies can grow their portfolio and boost retention. And you can trust that your community’s data is in good hands. Our security standards are designed to give you complete peace of mind.