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Wellness. In recent years wellness has become a top priority for many people. Seeking out ways to sleep better, eat better and feel better. Everyone is starting to wake up and realise the benefit of simply feeling good, Especially in the workplace.

Resvu isn’t just a workplace that encourages wellness and happiness, but our software’s purpose is to improve wellness too! And a huge part of encouraging employee wellness is having a flexible workplace. There are so many benefits, not just for the team, but the business as a whole.

A flexible workplace, like here at Resvu can have some seriously positive effects on employee wellness. Here’s a couple of awesome outcomes we’ve seen in our team:
  1. Balance. Flexibility allows the team to create better balance between their professional and personal life. Reducing stress and boosting happiness.
  2. Bye-bye burnout! By giving the team control over their work schedule and environment, they are less likely to feel overwhelmed and burned out.
  3. Boosted productivity: Everyone works in a different way. Allowing the team to work in a way that suits them best can increase their motivation and focus. Boosting productivity!
  4. Improved mental health. Flexible work arrangements can help reduce stress and increase job satisfaction, which has a big impact on mental health.
  5. Physical health pay-off: With flexible work, some of our team exercise during work hours. Or work from home, which means less time commuting and more time for movement!
A Stanford study found that employees who worked from home were 13% more productive than those who worked in a traditional office environment! We’re not saying get rid of the office entirely though, as we all love coming in and catching up with the team. Although Slack is amazing, nothing beats face to face collaboration.
A flexible workplace can do wonders for wellness. By offering flexible work options, employers can show their team that they prioritise wellbeing, leading to a happier, engaged, and productive team.