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Streamlined and secure software for Community Managers.

Probably the single biggest factor for me is reducing email and phone calls by allowing clients to self-select the service they require. For example, clients seeking additional keys, reporting maintenance, requesting an additional access fob or garage remote, booking service elevators for moving in or out, seeking information on connecting or disconnecting utilities can access this information through the application.

Mark S.Senior Community Manager

Thanks so much CommunitiLink! We had an unruly party in our building recently which I (Building Manager) received multiple complaints from residents regarding. I sent an SMS + Push Notification alert and placed a message on the noticeboard and the issue was sorted within a few minutes. Saved me a lot of time and hassle and residents were very happy with the service!

Rob NBuilding Manager

We were called out to resolve an intermittent Intercom issue across several apartments. Through Communitilink we were able to survey all residents and immediately gauge the location and consolidate the rectification process.

Scott AContractor

We have seen easy adoption from our community managers a very recognizable improvement in customer satisfaction through Resvu's self-service portal.

Tim M.Management Company Owner

Absolutely fantastic product! The voting tool has considerably assisted our management committee make better decisions.

Paul R.Board/Committee Chairperson

Software that benefits:

Management Companies

Create new revenue opportunities, scale your portfolio & watch your managers thrive.

Community Managers

Communicate with residents, act on requests and keep on top of tasks.

Boards & Committees

Establish more effective communication for your organisations to better serve their communities.

Homeowner & Residents

Link communities with their manager for an improved homeowner experience.

Your software

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