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As the owner of a strata company, the Resvu Platform allows you to see the difference between the engagement of your managers and how this affects the site your business is responsible for. In this case study, we compare two real-life sites and see how their admin usage during the roll-out stage translates into strong resident engagement.

Live data from real sites on the Resvu Platform

ResVu strata management software site stats

Our Live Examples

Both of these examples are:

  • Are in the same city
  • Are similar in size
  • Contain similar facilities

Site One

The first site in the table above is just beginning their roll-out process with 46% of all residents signing up to the platform. This site has started communicating with a few alerts and notices but not yet sending direct communications such as SMS.

Yet a large number of residents are accessing the platform – looking for information and accustomed to the new features available to them.

Site Two

In a similar position a few weeks ago, site two has now successfully completed their roll-out process and managed to capture 100% of their residents on the Resvu Platform.

As we can see, the admins of this site continued to log in, update alerts & notices, and send relevant communications. As a result, there has been a very positive user uptake with residents continuing to access the platform.

Key Takeaways

“Consistently providing your residents with relevant and useful information during roll-out is key”


An unengaged building may not seem like much, but it represents a big flight risk to a management company and low resident satisfaction. So here’s what your business can do during the roll-out process to ensure long-term engagement moving forward :

  • Consistently send SMS’s and push notifications for relevant alerts and notices
  • Ensure admins login regularly and update site information
  • Be sure to remove any irrelevant communication posts, or ideally schedule all posts to automatically expire.

If you’re a strata company looking to increase engagement and provide stand-out customer service to your sites, book a demo of the ResVu Platform today!